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    Unit Name  
    District supervisor Siao Tian-cai  
    Secretary-general Jiang Jing-an  
    Civil Affairs Section Chen Sian-jhang Autonomous administration, land administration, religion and folk custom, education & culture, health administration, civil defense, indigenous persons’ welfare, military service.
    Economic Development Section Cai Zong-he Urban planning, land use zoning certificate, road and transportation safety service, park and streetlights, manage forestry services, crop rotation and fallow service, livestock products (including inoculation), fishery.
    Social Affairs Section Li Jin-jhu Social welfare, social relief, disaster relief, social movement, community development association, national health insurance and pension, population policy and immigrant counseling.
    Secretariat Jiang Yue-wun Document and archives service, official seal, general affairs, movable property management, procurement and invitation for public bidding, room management, janitor management and labor/health insurance service and information management, state compensation, research and evaluation, public services.
    Personnel Office Liou Jhen-jhen Organizational structure, post qualification (post nullification), personnel appointment, dismissal and transfer, qualification evaluation, reward and disciplinary sanction appraisal, training and further education, public errand/vacation/diligence/indolence, retirement benefits, remuneration and welfare, recreational activities and insurance.
    Accounting Office Ciou Ming-huei Budgeting, compilation, budget review, various accounting and statistics related affairs.
    Government Ethics Office Lu Zih-sen Accept reports lodged by citizens, prevention of corruption (corruption and malfeasance, promotion, promote benefits), anti-corruption investigation channels.