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    Glamour of Zihyi, Land of Abundance: Zihguan District is bordered in the east by Ciaotou, in the south by Kaohsiung, in the north by Mituo and Gangshan, in the west by the Taiwan Straits. The area covers 11.595km2, with a population of close to 40,000. The citizens are half involved in agriculture and the other half are fishermen, consequently the district offers abundant aquatic products and agricultural products, making it a genuine land of abundance with simple folkways and abundant produce.   Farmland

    Origin of the geographical name of Zihguan
    According to legend, after Jheng Cheng-gong arrived in Taiwan, Jhangjhou’s Wang Zih and the Wang, Jheng, Cai, Ou and Su families also relocated here; in particular, Wang Zih’s family was the most powerful and was respectably referred to as "Zihguan (Tzukuan) by the local residents (ancestors with power and influence often had their names added to the word Guan to show respect), thus the geographical name Zihguan. In 1951, the township was demarcated and the area was approved by the authorities as Zihguan District, which is used until today.

    Total area: 11.5967km2
    Population: 36,695 (March 2011)
    Zihguan District is located in the western coast of Taiwan
    Borders Mituo District in the north
    Borders Taiwan Straits in the west
    Borders Ciaotou District in the east
    Borders Gangshan District in the northeast
    Borders Nanzih in District in the south
    In terms of industry, northern Zihguan consists of mainly agriculture, while southern Zihguan is mainly involved in fishery.

    Geography and demarcation of district and Lis
    Zihguan District is divided into 15 Lis and 286 neighborhoods
    Geography and demarcation of district
    Li/Neighborhood/Population Chief
    Zihsin Li  23 neighborhoods, 2,663 people Su Shang-huo
    Zihyi Li  17 neighborhoods, 2,528 people Chen Rong-fu
    Zihhe Li  23 neighborhoods, 2,821 people Chen Jin-rung
    Zihping Li  12 neighborhoods, 1,763 people Huang Chang-ji
    Jhonglun Li  14 neighborhoods, 1,442 people Ou Jin-yuan
    Tongan Li  9 neighborhoods, 1,216 people Jiang Rong-san
    Dashe Li  36 neighborhoods, 4,308 people (most number of people) Ou An-jhih
    Chihdong Li  27 neighborhoods, 2,711 people Liou Ciou-shan
    Chihsi Li  12 neighborhoods, 885 people (least number of people) Hong Kun-sen
    Chihkan Li  23 neighborhoods, 2,164 people Cai Liang-jian
    Like Li  22 neighborhoods, 2,615 people Cai Ruei-tai
    Jhihke Li  18 neighborhoods, 3,278 people Huang Wun-zan
    Shenke Li  14 neighborhoods, 2,517 people Huang Sin-chang
    Jiadong Li  19 neighborhoods, 2,688 people Liou De-nan
    Dianbao Li  17 neighborhoods, 3,096 people Jhu Tai-jheng