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Information for Foreigners

    Police and Administration Agencies
    Keliao Inspection Office  6100887 Gangshan Precinct  6212025
    Gangshan Fire Brigade  6212300 Zihguan Fire Brigade  6192894
    Jhihke District Neighborhood Watch Patrol  6176225 Chihkan Police Station  6101404
    Kaohsiung County Police Bureau  7460105 Dianbao Neighborhood Watch Patrol 6178523
    Zihguan Police Station  6171403 Zihguan Township United Neighborhood Watch Patrol  6100318
    Kaohsiung Municipal Gangshan Hospital 6243421 Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital 3121101
    Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital 5817121 Gangshan Armed Forces Hospital 6255495
    Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital of the C.G.M.F. 7317123 Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital 7496751
    Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital 3422121