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    Services and contact numbers of carious sections/offices

    Civil Affairs Section
    Civil Affairs Section Contact Number
    Director 6174111 ext. 114
    Fax 6170414
    Autonomous mediation election 6174111 ext. 121
    Social education scholarship 6174111 ext. 129
    Military Services 6174111 ext. 133、134
    Columbarium Pagoda 6100902

    Columbarium Pagoda
    The Columbarium Pagoda in this district is located on Sihwei Rd. and occupies an area of 2.3 hectares (including the exterior parking lot). It is connected via a 8 meter access road to the Provincial Highway No.17 *Coastal Highway) externally; the 8 meter access road features picturesque landscape as well as close to thirty 2.5m tall Guanyin statues on both sides. The statues are solemn, respectful and auspicious. The entrance is on the north side of the CPC Zihguan gas station fire fighting station (or opposite the Zihguan Fire Brigade), there is a road sign, making traveling here from the north or south extremely convenient.
    In addition, in an effort to serve the public, bardo ceremonies are held regularly on the second of each month, Tomb Sweeping Festival and July 20 of the Chinese Calendar, where animal sacrifices are offered to rest the soul of the deceased. Fresh sacrificial flowers and fruits are provided on a regular basis in the morning and the evening, while chants of sutra and rites are held as well. The interior and exterior of the Columbarium Pagoda are cleaned by specialized staff everyday; ancestral spirits are worshipped with the most devout heart, while the most superior facilities are managed in a righteous manner. We expect to provide the deceased with a five-star eternal resting place; facts speak louder than words, an additional choice gives an additional peace of mind. The Zihguan Columbarium Pagoda offers the most valuable eternal resting place for the ancestral remains through the utmost sincerity and uncompromising, responsible attitude.
    Contact number of Columbarium Pagoda: 6100902
    Add: No.61, Lane 501, Sihwei Rd., Zihguan Dist., Kaohsiung City

    Mediation Committee
    Dear citizens, do you know of any method which allows you to smoothly settle your disputes without going to the court? The answer is to apply to the District Mediation Committee for mediation. In order to allow you to gain further understanding of the District Mediation Committee, we have provided some information for your reference.
    - Mediation Services -
    Civil disputes Criminal disputes


    Economic Development Section
    Economic Development Section Contact Number
    Director  6174111 ext. 116
    Fax  6172118
    Streetlight  6174111 ext. 157
    Agriculture  6174111 ext. 154
    Associate Technical Specialist  6174111 ext. 158、161、178

    Social Affairs Section
    Social Affairs Section Contact Number
    Director 6174111 ext. 141
    Social Welfare (senior citizen, women and children) 6174111 ext. 135
    Community 6174111 ext. 122
    Social Relief (low income household) 6174111 ext. 136
    Health Insurance 6174111 ext. 130、131 hotline 6175924
    Senior Citizen Activity Center 6105188

    Personnel Office
    Personnel Office Contact Number
    Director 6174111 ext. 146

    Accounting Office
    Accounting Office Contact Number
    Director 6174111 ext. 148

    Government Ethics Office
    Government Ethics Office Contact Number
    Director 6174111 ext. 149

    Secretariat Contact Number
    Director 6174111 ext. 180