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    The "Kaohsiung iBus Real-Time Bus Arrival Information System " App Takes Data Security to the Next Level Print
      Update Time:2018-10-30 10:36 Department:Ziguan District Office

    [Kaohsiung News] The Kaohsiung City Government Transportation Bureau's Kaohsiung iBus Real-Time Bus Arrival Information System app was used a total of 29 million times, with the app downloads reaching 55,000 for the entirety of 2017. The app has also passed the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs data security test certification, meaning the app effectively prevents private information leaks. As such, all our wonderful residents are encouraged to use the official version of the app.

    Kaohsiung iBus, the mobile app, also provides users with the ability to check bus line status, map bus routes, search general information, get arrival reminders, and reserve a shuttle taxi, while also providing them with a "Favorite" setting that allows for personalized routes and bus stop information storage. This lets users quickly see information on the routes and stops most relevant to them. For more information please go to the Kaohsiung City Real-time Bus Arrival System website ( Everyone is welcome to download the official Kaohsiung iBus app to get accurate, real-time bus information.

    In addition to the great deals of unlimited two-route types in one day passes, a NT$3 discount for bus-to-MRT transfers, and a maximum bus fare of NT$60 on intercity bus routes, starting April 1, the city is raising the stakes with its "Unlimited City Bus Trips and oBikes Discount" monthly tickets. For a standard fare ticket of NT$479, and NT$399 for students, riders can have unlimited bus trips. Every month from April to July, the first 1000 ticket purchasers will be selected to win three free half-hour rides from the oBike company. Commuters are encouraged to take advantage of the special offers!

    For more information, please contact Huang Sin-Ying, Chief of Transportation Management Division, at 0963111812.

    Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    Publish date:2018-07-23