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    Kaohsiung City Government’s offer of unlimited free city bus rides to holders of tickets for the designated tourist attractions is extended until the end of 2017 Print
      Update Time:2017-09-05 16:16 Department:Ziguan District Office

    The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government offers the “Tourism Promotion Package”. Travelers who hold tickets for the designated tourist attractions and have the tickets stamped with the transfer mark can enjoy unpmited free city bus rides on that day.

    Kaohsiung City Government has been actively promoting tourist attractions in recent years. Shoushan Zoo, the British Consulate at Takow, Hongmaogang Cultural Park, the Pier-2 Art Center Exhibitions, and Fongyi Academy are must-see sights for visitors.

    To meet visitors’ demand for “transportation”, the Transportation Bureau extends the “Tourism Promotion Package”. In addition to the famous attractions stated above, the newest Sightseeing Double Decker Bus, Cultural Tour Bus Pass, Solar-Powered Love Boat, Amphibious Bus, etc., are also included in the package. Travelers only need to have the ticket for these attractions or transit systems stamped with the transfer mark and the date at the ticket office to enjoy unpmited free bus rides within Kaohsiung city on that day. (Cultural Tour Bus, Express pnes, Medical Buses, and Original Intercity Bus pnes are not included.) From today the special offer is extended until December 31, 2017.

    The Transportation Bureau explained that the special offer was helpful to visitors who wanted to travel around Kaohsiung but did not have their own transportation. Travelers can plan a bus journey and experience the convenience and comfortableness of the city’s pubpc transportation. They can also download the “Kaohsiung iBus” APP to plan their journeys and get bus arrival information.

    You can get more information from the link below.

    Publish date:2017-08-21